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Veterinary Technician

Michele began her career with us in February of 2011.

Michele has five pets: dogs Diesel and Cosmo, a kitty named Macaroon, a leopard gecko named Angelica, and a bearded dragon named Thorn.

"I enjoy educating clients on new medicines and procedures. We have a wonderful and caring staff that all work together as a team to take care of your pets." - Michele




Denise has been with Airport Vet since 2009.

She has a sweet little cat named Malcolm.

“I love working with clients and their pets. Plus everyday is a new day; you never know what is going to happen next.” – Denise


Veterinary Technician

Taylor began her career at Airport Veterinary Hospital in June of 2017.

She has four dogs at home: Oakley, Jackson, Levi, and Alastor. 


Veterinary and Surgical Assistant

Rachel started working at Airport Veterinary Hospital in June 2020. She left for school and came back in June 2022.

Rachel has 3 pets: her cats Malcolm and Pete, and a bearded dragon named Norman.

"I have a deep passion for caring for animals, wild or domesticated. I grew up surrounded by big dogs, and always wanted to spend my days helping animals!" -Rachel


Veterinary Assistant

Greta started working at Airport vet in January of 2022.

She has her dachshund-Yorkie mix, Dorky, "Dash."

"I love animals and always wanted to work at a Veterinary office." -Greta


Veterinary Assistant

Alyssa has been working at Airport Veterinary Hospital October 2022.

Alyssa has two dogs at home: Boozer and Zoey.


Veterinary Assistant

Isabella started at Airport Veterinary Hospital in May 2022. She has worked in the vet field for over 2 years. 

She has a bichon frise mix named Casper.

Isabella has always had a passion for veterinary medicine and is a college student trying to become a Veterinarian.

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